Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Blaxi girls they like to party like nobody, like nobody...

That's it, Romania has the right recepy for winning Eurovision 2009. The song is simple to remember and enough of a kitch, to stire the attention of all neighboring countries from the Balkans. Elena is more than good looking and together with a full set of famous Elena's (one, two, three) that Romania has or is ready to export as a brand image, they may well come back from Moscow not only with a trophy but even with the ammended plans of the South Stream project.
Since the times when valuable artists like ABBA, Céline Dion or Toto Cutugno were winning Eurovision are long passed, the Romanian choice seems most reasonable and will only delight millions of European viewers, of what has now become the least of a music contest - Eurovision.

Blaxi girls (ranked 2 with "Dear Mama") - you didn't lose anything.

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