Saturday, January 29, 2011

The European Parliament - where reality beats the fiction

MEP Cristian Busoi forbids a sculpture exhibition, that he initiated himself, after eventually understanding (hours prior to opening) that those sculptures represent "intimate details of woman body" likely to offend the feelings of some fellow MEP's.
Looking at Cristian Busoi's profile, one can easily understand he is not too familiar with the female anatomy, but most tax payers may not understand how such characters unable to first think and then act accordingly, find their way up to the EU Parliament?

What if such a guy initiates a large scale project, only to realize months and millions of Euro later, that his initiative is total bullshit? Or, on the contrary, it's the right thing to do, but he will not back up his own initiative because it is meeting resistance based on debilitating arguments?

Everyone should judge by himself the "offending" character of Ovidiu Vuia's sculptures, as well as the opportunity for further sending people like Busoi, EBA, Becali, Vadim and others, in the European Parliament.
It's about intelligently spending our money and defending our interests, after all.


Thanks to MEP Cristian Busoi's official website we find out that the golden Egyptian jackal is actually a grey wolf and a swan that got stuck in the icy waters of a lake in Bacau has been saved :)
Hi Cristian, thanks for existing, thanks for warming seats and filling toilets in the European Parliament. You are certainly worth your 20.000€/month budget.