Sunday, January 17, 2010

Facebook - show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are

The title of this post may not be the most relevant. It could well be "Facebook - the perfect tool for revealing stupidity" or "Tell me how many friends you have on Facebook and I'll tell you what kind of an idiot you are".

The facts:

These days, Romanians have been shocked by one of the most atrocious criminal facts in decades: at least 4 persons have been tortured, beaten and buried alive or thrown in canals, after having been used as legal administrators of a number of companies who's only creation purpose was extensive frauds by various means.

The suspected mastermind of the atrocities, Sergiu Bahaian, had 1.634 friends on Facebook, at the time of his arrest, among whom:

- Gheorghe Hagi (Maradona from the Carpathians) - 3.369 Friends on Facebook
- Tudor Chiuariu, former Minister of Justice - unknown nb. of friends on Facebook
- Honorius Prigoana, son of Romanian Parliament Deputy and business magnate Silviu Prigoana - 3.830 friends on Facebook
- Prince Radu Duda of Hohenzollern-Veringen, son in law of King Michael of Romania - 5.000 friends on Facebook
- Sorin Oprescu, major of Bucharest - 76 friends on Facebook
- many other famous or less famous people, not worth being mentioned, as the principle is the same.

Q: What do all these "friends" of such a character have in common?
A: They are stupid or for the least, naive.

In search for popularity or votes, these guys are ready to link their name to as many as thousands of so called "friends", with absolutely no selection criteria.
Apart from the obvious fact that nobody is able to have more than, let's say, 2.000 acquaintances, not to say friends, that one could remember of, the main question is:

"Why the heck would they need to be "Facebook friend" with so many people?"

If you are a public person and looking for fans or followers, then create your website, keep a blog and stay in touch with your followers, but don't invite criminals at your table.

I'm wondering how would these guys explain their friendship link with Sergiu Bahaian otherwise than "I'm a true peacock and I usually accept everybody as a Friend on Facebook" or, in other words: "I'm an idiot...".


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