Saturday, January 30, 2010

A big iPode, a small book or a lack of efficiency?

The iSlate has been released and it's called iPad. Fine.
It costs half the gossip price. Excellent.
It doesn't support multitasking, has no HDMI port and doesn't support Flash. Hmm, that's a pity.
It's nice and appealing. Ok, you know what, the crisis is not over - this shouldn't be an argument.

Sooo, what do we have here?

For the detractors - A big iPod which is no match for a mini laptop because it's not doing multiple tasks.

For the enthusiasts - A small library, where you can fit your books, newspapers, photo's and access some online stuff like websites, games and other entertainment applications.
It seems Apple themselves market the thing as the very best way to browse the internet, which may be quite an accurate statement.

For me - A potentially useful device, surrounded by a totally useless black frame, that adds 50% more volume to the useful volume. This thing is supposed to be the ultimate ultra-mobile device, so why the heck do I need to carry around 50% more volume than needed? Ah, technical constraints? Well, then thanks but no, thanks. For the time being I prefer spending 300€ on a mini PC that offers many more features, rather than 400€ on an iPad that doesn't bring anything new, after all.

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